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The Mirage Marauders are a 4 piece high octane spaghetti western band from Austin TX. Inspired by the spaghetti western movies of the 50's and 60's, the band takes a post modern approach to the genre, crafting a sonic soundscape that entices you to journey down a desert path towards an unwritten future. Experiencing their sound, gives you the vision of your own spaghetti western. Are the hero, or are you the villain?   

As a child, bandleader/principal songwriter/drummer, Ryan Neubauer wore out his family's VHS copy of the Kurt Russel led western film Tombstone. He couldn't get enough of Wyatt Earp's heroics, Doc Holiday's delirious gunslinging antics, and the Cowboys' penchant for vengeance. Ryan grew up to become a sought after freelance musician in the live music capital of the world, Austin TX. One night, while fumbling around on his $50 guitar, he wrote a short galloping song that reminded him of the film he so loved as a child. It was the first song he wrote that he actually liked. He felt like he struck gold. 

Two years later, after writing dozens of spaghetti western themed songs, Ryan decided it was time to form a band.Ggathering other highly sought after musicians in the Austin area to bring his original music to life. Ryan enlisted Chuck Anastasiou and long time collaborator Jamey Cummins on guitars, and Phil Spencer on bass. The talent of these musicians allows them explore the wild west nature of improvisation in each the band's performances.

In February 2020, the band released their first studio album, 'Colossal Delirium'. Recorded at East Austin Music Studios by Austin Sisler, the album guides you through a dark adventure into the wild west as imagined by artists of the 21st century. Available on all streaming platforms!